Previous exhibitions

Archive of exhibitions the last years.

Hytta – four walls around a dream

Exhibition on the cabin's role in Norwegian families, and the joys and sorrows that come with it.

Maihaugen's Christmas tree 2019

Fashion designer and textile artist Julie Skarland has decorated Maihaugen's Christmas tree this year.

Letters from the front – Dear Mother

New strong exhibition with letters written in war or captivity.

Folk Art in Gudbrandsdalen

Permanent exhibition showing beautiful artefacts from the 1700s and 1800s.

Anders Sandvig's dental office

Maihaugen`s founder, Anders Sandvig, was a dedicated dentist.

Inger Holbø: The town – The valley – Maihaugen

Exhibition on tapestry in dialogue with Maihaugen.

Maihaugen's Christmas tree 2018

The artist Kjell Erik Killi-Olsen decorated Maihaugen's Christmas tree in 2018.


An exhibition on the end of life.

Photographer H. H. Lie

Gudbrandsdalen in development 1886–1918. 

Masterpieces in miniature

Be impressed by the details on the engraved stamps.

Maihaugen's Christmas tree 2017

This year the architecture and design company Snøhetta is decorating Maihaugen's Christmas tree. 

Norwegian Art on Postage Stamps

See art on small stamps and get an impression of the making of stamps.


"Birkebeinerrennet – from medieval saga to test of strength" is this year's great indoor exhibition.

Maihaugen's Christmas tree

The designers at Anderssen & Voll have made ornaments with modern materials and technology.


A light-hearted look at the tradition of national costumes 

Norwegian stamps – the outdoor pursuits in miniature

Exhibition of stamps as part of the ”Outdoor Recreation Year”.

Coming back home to the 20th century

Exhibition on the making of the Residential area of Maihaugen.