Photo: Ann Kristin Eggen/Maihaugen

Coming back home to the 20th century

Exhibition on the making of the Residential area of Maihaugen.

Previous exhibition

Summer 2015 and 2016

Maihaugens Residential area, showing houses from the 20th century, is a unique opportunity to glimpse back into own lives and bring back nostalgic memories. This new exhibition shows the ideas and history behind the Residential area.

The exhibition gives a unique opportunity to see how museum work, that usually goes on behind scenes, is completed. It also provides knowledge about why the houses have been moved to Maihaugen and gives insight to how the houses are brought back to the time period of which they represent. Examples of this you will find in the 1910 house, that was moved to Maihaugen autumn 2014. Maihaugens professionals will be repatriating the house into how it could have been around 1915. 

When the 1915 house is completed, every decade of the 20th century, except the 1960s, will be represented in the Residential area.
Learn about the process taking place before a historic house is opened to the museums guests.

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