Photo: Maihaugen.

Folk Art in Gudbrandsdalen

Permanent exhibition showing beautiful artefacts from the 1700s and 1800s.

Previous permanent exhibition

Until 1 September 2019

Folk Art is art made by and for the people. Most of the artefacts we describe as folk art are articles for daily use and eye-catching status symbols. These are articles from sleighs for travelling to church and dressers for carpentry tools and scythe handles. 

Gudbrandsdalen is famous for its acanthus carving and tapestries. In the exhibition you can find rose painted articles, wrought iron, carved wood, brass and embroideries. Large and small articles express a pleasure in decorating and have been created by excellent artists.

NB! The exhibition will be closed from September 2019 while we prepare a new permanent exhibition opening the fall of 2020.

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