Rød trehytte med hvite sprosser og grønne vinduslemmer.
Photo: Audbjørn Rønning / Maihaugen

Hytta – four walls around a dream

Exhibition on the cabin's role in Norwegian families, and the joys and sorrows that come with it.

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30 Jan 2020 – 3 Jan 2021

A hytte is a place to get away from everyday life, to live simply and reconnect with family and with nature. Around half of all Norwegians have access to one, and they are found across the country, from the arctic North to the islands off the South coast, by the sea, on island lakes, in the woods and hills.

The cabin as part of the family

Bokforside med teksten Hytta. Fire vegger rundt en drøm.

What makes a hytte is the people who stay in them, share them, own them, visit them, or inherit them. This exhibition asks what these buildings, and everything that is in them, can tell us about Norwegian families, memories and dreams.

Norway as a cabin country

The exhibition is part of a research project called ‘Materialising kinship: Cycles of life at the Norwegian hytte’, financed by the Norwegian Research Council. It is produced in partnership between the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo and the Norwegian Folk Museum.

The exhibition is inside the visitor center. It is primarily a photo exhibition, but also contains a cabin corner and a number of objects.

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