Historic photo of soldiers writing letters.
Photo: Unknown / Geir Brenden

Letters from the front – Dear Mother

New strong exhibition with letters written in war or captivity.

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31 March – 24 Nov. 2019

At the front, the army postal service was the only lifeline to the loved ones at home.

The greatest welfare – the field post service

In situations of war and captivity it has always been important for the soldiers to be able to send a sign of life to those home.

Great resources were put in place to maintain an adequate postal service for soldiers. The field post service had an important function as a link between the combatant and the loved ones at home. The ability to send and receive letters was an important bright point in the dark and gloomy everyday life.

Historic photo from an army postal service outside of a tent.

Photo: Unkown / Geir Brenden

Black white historic photo of soldiers in a bunk bed reading letters.

Photo: Unknown / Geir Brenden

The letters

The exhibition shows letters that each tell their unique story from people in war or captivity. Far away from home and surrounded by the brutality of war, the letter played an important role in the soldier's morality and attitude.

You get to read letters written by Norwegian soldiers at the front during the war against Sweden in 1814 and many letters from various fronts during World War II. The exhibition also show envelopes sent home from various places in the world where Norwegians have participated in international operations since 1947.

Envelope marked "fieldpost", a name and adress in handwriting and postmarks.

Photo: Unknown / The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies

The exhibition that is created by the Norwegian Postal Museum and Opplandsarkivet, department Maihaugen, is located in the visitor center. The exhibition is shown March 31 to November 24, 2019.