Detail of an engraved stamp showing travellers from a farm in the older days.
Photo: The Norwegian Postal Museum

Masterpieces in miniature

Be impressed by the details on the engraved stamps.

Previous exhibition

4 Feb – 25 Nov 2018

The exhibition gives an insight to a craft that demands a steady hand and extreme concentration. Very impressive stamps are made with the help of only point tools.

Work process and craft

Few stamps are engraved by hand in Norway today. More modern and cost-saving production methods makes the future for this craft uncertain. The Norwegian Postal Service, however, still protect the art of engraving and are releasing engraved stamps on a regular basis.

There is a lot of work behind each engraved stamp. The motive on a small stamp can consist of thousands of tiny dots and lines that are carved into a plate of steel. The exhibition shows drawings, sketches and finished engravings. Tools that are used for the process are also to be seen.

Motives with rich details

The exhibition shows stamps in a larger scale. Rich details will hence come forward in portraits, landscapes and historic happenings. Small pieces make a large impression.