Norwegian Art on Postage Stamps

See art on small stamps and get an impression of the making of stamps.

Previous exhibition

22 April – 6 Sept 2017

"Inntrykk fra naturen" by Jakob Weidemann. Photo: Posten Norge

"Brudeferd i Hardanger" by Tidemand and Gude. Photo: Posten Norge

Part of the painting "Idyll" by Christian Skredsvig. Photo: Posten Norge

A stamp is more than just a receipt for paid postage.

No matter what hobby or interest you have, you will find it on a stamp.

Different subjects

In this exhibition The Norwegian Postal Museum shows the variety of subjects through stamps with art.

Norwegian art is used to illustrate many series of stamps on different topics, anniversaries and events.

You might see all from national romantic paintings to contemporary art.

The making of a stamp

The Postal Museum also shows some of the work behind a publication of a stamp.

The exhibition is shown in the second floor of the lobby in the visitor center at Maihaugen.