Historical photo of railway tracks in the Gudbrandsdalen valley in Norway.
Photo: Hans Halvorsen Lie / Maihaugen

Photographer H. H. Lie

Gudbrandsdalen in development 1886–1918. 

Previous exhibition

22 April – 6 Sept 2018

Black and white historical portrait of the photographer Hans Halvorsen Lie.

Self-portrait. Photo: Hans H. Lie / Maihaugen

April 22 – September 6 2018

Through this exhibition you will get to know the skillful photographer Hans Halvorsen Lie (1867–1918).

Development in the valley

Hans H. Lie’s photographs show the development of  Gudbrandsdalen at the time he lived there. 

The building of the railway and the development of the industry are examples of themes exposed on large formats on the wall, and in smaller formats on screens.

Portraits that show the locals’ lives in happiness and grief, everyday life and big events are all a part of the exhibition, as well as photos of small and large farms, mountain farms and cultural landscape.

Valuable photo collection

Hans H. Lie came to Gudbrandsdalen as newly wed . He settled at Vinstra, and after some time he ran his business with photo studios at both Vinstra, Ringebu and Otta.

Several generations gathered to picnic under birch trees.

The photographer's note to this photo is "Magnus Anderson's group". Dated June 2 1901. Photo: Hans H. Lie / Maihaugen

Lie was a productive photographer, and the photo collection consists of 25 000 glass plates. Many of these are of high photo technical quality, and since he wrote a protocol over most of his pictures we know where and when most of them were taken.

Some of the photos are stereoscopic, which gives a three-dimensional effect by looking at them through a stereoscope.

In 2018 it is 100 years since Hans H. Lie died. The exhibition "Photographer H.H. Lie – Gudbrandsdalen in development 1865–1918" is a celebration of him, and the result of a desire to show an important and valuable part of Maihaugen’s photo collection. 

Men with med spades working with the railway. Horses pulling wagons with dirt at the railway tracks.

Railway building in Kvam, June 20 1896. Photo: Hans H. Lie / Maihaugen