Kvinne med bunad foran tømmerhus på Maihaugen.
Foto: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Summer 2020 at Maihaugen

Maihaugen invites you to safe and exciting museum experiences for both children and adults this summer. We are looking forward to re-opening the museum Friday 12 June.

Until we re-open 12 June, everything indoors at Maihaugen is closed. Meantime, you are welcome to visit the open-air museum to which the gates are open.

This summer, the daily program at Maihaugen will be reduced compared to a normal summer at the museum, and the entrance fees are reduced due to this situation. Still, it's a great experience to visit Maihaugen!

Open houses and outdoor guides

In the idyllic open-air museum there are more than 200 historic houses from the 13th century until today. Here it is nice to stroll around and get an impression of how we lived in the past. You can look through open doors of several of the historic houses.

There are open exhibitions both in the main building and outdoors in the open-air museum, and the Norwegian Postal Museum is open with great exhibitions where you can go on your own.

There are no ordinary guided tours or walking theaters this summer, but several places in the open-air museum you will meet our guides who are happy to share their knowledge and answer your questions. In several of the historic houses there are also audio guides where you can listen to stories from the actual time period of the house.

Maihaugen for children

The playground is open with play equipment and historic playrooms. In the forest by the mountain farms it is fun try the balance trail.

There are new and exciting activity trails in the open-air museum for families with children (only in Norwegain).

Animals and farm work

Both children and adults enjoy meeting the animals at Maihaugen. All summer, there are cows and sheep all around the idyllic grazing areas of the open-air museum.

The horses also graze on the meadows when they are not helping the museum farmers with different farm work done in the traditional way. The farmers are happy to show you their daily work. You can also meet pigs, chickens and rabbits.

Places to eat

There are several places to eat at the museum in the summer. In addition to the café in the visitor center, the Kirkestuen café and the Bakery in the Town are open. There is also a kiosk at Valbjørseter at the top of the hills inside the open-air museum.


Opening hours this summer

June 12 – August 16:
Monday – Sunday 11.00 – 15.00.

See complete overview of our opening hours.


We are working on putting up an online sales system for entrance tickets, and encourage you to pay by card.

We are reducing the entrance fees this summer.


Precautions for a safe visit

Maihaugen follows the laws and guidelines of the health authorities and take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

Read more about what we do to keep the museum visit as safe as possible.

Changes may occure if the guidelines of the health authorities change.